Pinterest is a new social networking site that is gaining much attention nowadays. Pinterest allows users to create pinboards online. This site uses images as a hyperlink to visit the source website and therefore its gaining much popularity these days. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, therefore users can spend hours stumbling on their interests. In this article, you’ll learn how to add/integrate Pinterest “Pin it” button to your WordPress website. This “Pin it” button if used correctly, can bring in lots of traffic to your site.

How to Integrate Pinterest Pin it Button to WordPress

You can do this the hard way by adding some code to your WordPress theme files, but why go the hard way when you can easily use a plugin for this task. Download and install Pinterest “Pin it” Button plugin. This is a simple, no-frills plugin that adds “Pin it” button to posts, pages and many other areas of your site. That’s not all, you can also set the preferences on where to place the button for e.g. above the content, below the content or on post excerpts.

pin it WordPress After installing this plugin, you’ll be able to see a new menu in your WordPress admin (back-end) named as “Pin it Button”. Click on it and you can configure this plugin from here. You can set preferences on which type of pages should the button appear on – home page, front page, individual posts, static pages and on archives. Also you can set the position of this pin it button from this page. Thus, you can control every aspect of this button, easily. Take a look at the options that are provided by this plugin.

pinterest pin it WordPress

You can also add custom CSS to apply to this button, to suit your needs. This will help in placing the button exactly where you want it to appear. If while writing a post or page, you want to add this button to the content, then all you need to do is to use [pinit] which is a shortcode to call this button. You can use this shortcode anywhere in the content.

If you want to disable this button on any particular post or a page, then scroll down and uncheck “Show Pin It button on this post/page”. Pin it button will not be shown in this particular page or post.
pin it button

Also this plugin creates a widget named as “Pinterest – Pin it Button” so that you can easily add the widget to the sidebar or footer area of your theme. Just add this widget to any widgetized area of your choice and pin it button will appear in that area.

No coding is required if you’re following this method. This is the simplest and easiest way to add Pinterest button to your WordPress blog/site.

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