There are thousands of themes available on WordPress, but it is not easy to find a good theme, more importantly, an affordable theme; A theme that offers proper flexibility and fits right in the budget. Sometimes you think that you have found the right one, but in the end, you realize that it costs hundreds of dollars.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Elegant ThemesIt is a WordPress theme shop that offers premium themes and plugins. If you are looking to buy a WordPress theme, you will most certainly come across Elegant Themes. Their Divi theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes. Along with the themes, they offer a few powerful plugins like Monarch & Bloom, and they also have an active user community.

Is Elegant Themes the right choice for your website? Hopefully, you will find the answer by the end of this article.

Let’s get started.


Elegant themes review

Elegant Themes is a WordPress theme shop running for the past 11 years and has served more than 700,000 customers. Started from founder Nick Roach’s college apartment, Elegant Themes has grown immensely over the last 11 years. It has over 80 experts working from 20 different countries, and it exists more as a community than as a company.

Over the years, Elegant Themes has released approximately 87 WordPress themes and a handful of plugins. Recently, they have shifted their entire focus to just two premium themes, Divi and Extra, as well as three powerful plugins, Monarch, Bloom, and Divi Builder. They have done this to provide the best quality products to their customers. 

Elegant themes prices

Another reason why Elegant Themes has remained among the best on WordPress is their practical price range. For US $89 a year, you get access to both their premium themes along with the plugins, which is a great deal. You also get the option to buy a “Lifetime Access” pack, which costs a one-time fee of US $249; it will give you access to all the existing (and future) features of Elegant Themes forever. 

You can use Elegant Themes on unlimited websites and unlimited users with one license. For some reason, if you don’t like their service, then there’s no question, 30 days money-back guarantee on both the packs. So there’s no risk in trying it out.

What do you get when you buy Elegant Themes?

Themes: Divi and Extra

When you buy Elegant Themes, you get access to all its previously released themes along with Divi and Extra. The old themes might look outdated to some, and they might get retired in the future. So the real focus here is Divi and Extra.


Elegant themes - Divi review

Elegant Themes has shifted its entire focus on making Divi the best WordPress theme since its release in 2013. It is a multi-purpose theme that gives you the ability to create several types of websites you want. Whether it’s a simple WordPress blog, an e-commerce store, or a business-related website, Divi gives you the versatility to create any website you want. It is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress themes available in the market.

Divi comes with its efficient site builder – the Divi Builder. If you don’t know anything about coding, then you don’t have to worry at all. The Divi Builder enables you to create a custom and professionally designed website without any knowledge of coding. If you are a professional web designer, then Divi Builder can help you to create different websites for your clients with ease. 

Divi modules

Divi has over 43 content modules to choose from; they are like Blocks in Gutenberg editor. You can pick from Testimonial, Shop, Sidebar, Text, Video, Toggle, Call to action button, Number counter, Image, Social media, Video slider, and many more. With just a click, you can easily add these to your webpage. You can fully customize your modules and create a unique website. 

You can grow your following and business using Divi’s built-in email opt-in module, which supports popular email marketing providers. Divi has a split testing system to show variations of your website to your target audience. You can compare the results and choose the best performing one.

It doesn’t matter if you have experience in web design or not, Divi makes it doable for you.

Divi Layouts
Divi layouts

One useful feature of the Divi theme is that it comes with Layouts. There are more than 190 high-quality, pre-designed layout packs available for you. You can find many suitable layouts for various niches like Restaurant, Coffee shop, Fashion, Design agency, Web agency, Photo marketplace, and many more.

You can easily import your desired layout to your website. Every layout also has its useful set of templates. Depending on the niche, you get templates for About, Home, Contacts, Gallery, Team, Landing, etc.

Divi also allows you to customize your pre-designed templates. You can customize your templates by accessing the front-end, inline editing, and with the help of the WYSIWYG drag-and-drop user interface. It gives you the freedom to create your custom design from scratch.

Elegant themes - Divi

Overall, Divi is an amazing theme that gives you a beautiful interface, hundreds of layout packs, customizable templates and modules, custom shapes, colors and effects, animations, hundreds of font styles, bulk editing functionality, drag and drop user interface, front-end, inline editing option, and much more.


Elegant themes - Extra review

Elegant Themes launched Extra theme after the release of Divi. The Extra theme gets many features of the Divi theme, and it’s mainly focused on content-rich websites like blogs, news, magazines, etc. Extra is also powered by the Divi Builder, so you can easily build your website with it. 

Extra is a user-interactive theme. It has a perfect homepage layout that allows you to display your latest or best content in a beautiful grid format. You can also add featured images from your articles to an image-focused homepage layout. You can preview your content using Mini-article sliders, Tabbed areas, Post carousels, and Custom widgets.

Elegant themes - Extra

Visitors on Extra can express their views using the built-in review system of the theme. It can help you to boost your brand reputation. Getting reviews and ratings will also help in increasing user engagement on your site. You can easily separate your content into multiple categories and utilize it using Extra’s Tab feature.

Like I mentioned before, Extra is powered by the Divi Builder plugin; you can create a professional-looking website in no time. It comes with most of the features that you get in the Divi theme like layout packs, customizable templates and modules, custom shapes, colors and effects, drag and drop user interface, etc. You can create a website that looks like the leading news and magazine site without much hassle. 

The Category Builder
Extra - Category builder

You get the Category Builder feature in Extra, which isn’t present in Divi. You can design custom category pages and choose how you want to display your blogs, portfolio items, e-commerce products, etc. The Category Builder also has its modules like Tabbed posts, Text, Posts carousel, Ads, Code, etc., which will make your work easy. 

WooCommerce Integration with Elegant Themes

Extra WordPress theme comes with full support for the WooCommerce plugin. You can monetize your site by selling products or services (physical & digital) with the help of WooCommerce; you also can create an e-commerce store with this.

Extra - WooCommerce plugin

With Extra theme, you get multiple features for your online store like the ability to filter your products, display thumbnails, display top products in the sidebar, zoom on products, full description for your products, user-friendly dropdown menus, multiple post formats, social media icons, related products section for cross-selling, and complete customer reviews with testimonial and ratings.

Overall, Extra is a great choice for any blogger or online publication because of its competitive features. Extra allows you to create a professional-looking custom website/e-commerce shop and boost your brand reputation with ease. 

The Elegant Themes Plugins


Elegant themes - monarch

Monarch is a Social sharing plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can add social share buttons on five locations: Floating sidebar, Above/below your content, as an Automatic popup, an Automatic fly-in, and on Images/Videos. It makes it easy for site visitors to share your content on social media. It also helps in increasing traffic on your site as well as improves your search engine results.

You can choose between 20 social network buttons to display using Monarch. You can also add specific triggers on your social popups or fly-ins. There are triggers for: Time delay, Scroll percentage, After commenting, After purchasing, Bottom of the post, and after A period of inactivity.

Monarch - elegant themes

Monarch also allows you to customize your social media buttons. There are 3 button shapes, 5 sidebar hover effects, and 4 inline button hover effects to choose from. 

You can choose from over 30 social profiles and networks, and Monarch will display your profile names and follow counts. You can pick your icon orientation of the network, and you can choose the native colors of each social network, or you can customize your color that matches your brand. Monarch also displays the real-time stats of your likes, shares, and follows.

Social media plugin

Monarch is one of the best social media plugins on WordPress, and it is a great addition to the Elegant Themes package.


Elegant themes - Bloom

Bloom is an incredible Email Opt-in Plugin that encourages your site visitors to sign up and submit their email addresses to receive updates on everything happening on your website. Building an email list helps you to connect with your audience even after they have left your website.

Your email subscribers will get an email each time you publish a new article, or add a new product, or for any other updates taking place on your website. 

Email providers

Bloom helps you to create a constructive list of subscribers with ease. You can use opt-in forms to attract visitors, and there are six types of forms to display: Automatic opt-in pop-up, Automatic opt-in fly-ins, In-line opt-in forms, Below content opt-In forms, Widget area opt-in forms, and Require opt-in to unlock content. 

Bloom has 100+ well-designed email opt-in form templates for you. You can customize these forms, and you can also build your custom form with Bloom. You can select from 3 Opt-In Form Orientations, and you get Customized Borders & Edges with Unlimited Color Options.

Bloom - Split testing

Bloom also offers you A/B Testing, which helps to compare multiple variations of the same opt-in form. It will help you figure out which form is the most effective; you can choose the high-performing one to increase your conversion rates. You can add an unlimited number of email marketing accounts, and Bloom will also show you a real-time overview of Conversion and Email List Statistics.

Bloom is one of the most feature-loaded email opt-in plugins on WordPress, and it’s great to have it with Elegant Themes.

Divi Builder

Divi builder

The Divi Builder is a complete website building/design system that allows you to create beautiful Themes and Pages with minimal effort. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to design a website with the Divi Builder. It is a drag and drop visual editor that replaces the standard WordPress editor (Classic Editor or Gutenberg) and offers many superior features. 

The Divi Builder is integrated with both Divi and Extra themes. Previously, the Divi Builder was only a Page building plugin. But with the Divi 4.0 release, Elegant Themes have introduced the new Divi Theme Builder, which gives you more control over your website than ever. The Theme Builder extends the power of the Divi Builder across all areas of the Divi Theme.

Elegant themes - Divi Builder

You will be able to build custom pages and themes using the Divi Builder on Extra, Divi, or any other theme. The drag and drop visual editing allows you to add, delete, and move different elements on your website without any coding. If you have coding knowledge, you can easily create your custom CSS with Divi’s simple interface.

There is Inline Text Editing to edit your pages easily. You can save your custom designs and re-use them to jump-start new pages. You also get unlimited redo and undo options, along with access to your entire editing history.

Divi Page Builder
Divi page builder

The Divi Page Builder has over 40 content modules for you. You get multiple templates for each module; you can select from Sliders, Galleries, Call to action button, Blogs, Testimonials, Countdown time, Pricing table, Forms, and more. 

Elegant themes page builder

The Divi Builder gives you the freedom to customize your modules; there is Hover State Styling, Fonts & Text Styling, Custom shapes and effects, Border sizes, colors and styles. You also get Advanced Code Editing, Drop Shadows, Text Shadows, Animations, Background image, color, gradient, and video customizations.

There is also Multi-Select & Bulk Editing that allows you to edit multiple elements at the same time. Using the Find & Replace Styles feature, you can easily find and replace any design value (colors or fonts) across the entire page. You also get the ability to copy and paste styles across elements for faster editing.

Elegant themes

Divi Theme Builder

The Divi Theme Builder gives more power to the Divi Builder and increases the customization possibilities. You can structure your entire website using the Theme Builder. 

Elegant themes - Theme builder

You can customize Headers, Footers, Post templates, Category templates, Product templates, Blog post templates, 404 pages, etc. The Divi Theme Builder has multiple theme building templates, and each template has its custom Header, Footer, and Body layouts. You can fully customize these areas using the Divi Builder.

You can customize any part of your website by assigning or excluding your custom templates. A global website template is available to update your entire website’s header and footer using the Theme Builder.

The Theme Builder templates are like the Divi Layout Packs, except they can be used to structure your entire website. Not all theme building templates are free; you can visit Elegant Themes’ website and find out more information on it.

The Divi Builder is one of the best website building systems in WordPress. It plays an outstanding role in the Elegant Themes package.

Elegant Themes Support and Updates

Elegant themes have reasonable prices for their plans: $89 for 1-year access & $249 one-time fee with lifetime access. Whichever plan you choose, Elegant Themes provide regular updates of their themes and plugins for you. They are always up to date with the latest WordPress version and all the security features. Also, if you are not satisfied with their service, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee. So you will get a full refund.

Elegant Themes has a 24/7 live chat support channel for you. You can also send emails with your queries, and they will help you through that. There’s a large user base, so it might take some time for them to solve your issues. They don’t have the best customer support in the market; but on their website, they claim, “We typically respond in less than an hour and are often available for instant live chat.” 

Elegant Themes has grown as a large community around the world. There’s a Divi Facebook group with more than 60,000 members. There are also unofficial groups and community forums where you can interact with other Elegant Themes club members and look for answers. 

There are third-party layouts, child themes, extensions, etc., available on the Divi marketplace. You can also get advice and tips and some new/free layouts and theme builder packs via the blog.

Final Thoughts

Elegant Themes is a really great package. Divi and Extra are two of the best and most popular WordPress themes. Monarch and Bloom are two of the best plugins in their respective segments. The Divi Builder also stands out and offers an easy way to build a site using in WordPress.

You get the complete freedom to customize your own unique websites; web designer or not, it is easy and efficient. You can also import the website layouts and theme packs directly to your WordPress dashboard.

If you purchase an Elegant Themes plan, you can also use Monarch, Bloom, and the Divi Builder as standalone plugins for your other/existing websites.

For $89 a year, you get access to all of this, and if you don’t like it, you get a full refund.

What to do you think about Elegant Themes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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