WordPress 5.2 comes with many new features but one of its feature that we really like is the new Site Health tool which provides information/details on the configuration of your site, and suggests additional improvements for your site. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to check site health in WordPress, and how you can take advantage of this new tool that’s offered in WordPress.

Using Site Health Tool in WordPress

WordPress 5.0 introduced the all new Gutenberg editor, and with WordPress 5.2 it brings to us this very useful Site Health Tool. There isn’t a need to install any plugin, or do anything else since this feature can be used instantly once you update your site to WordPress 5.2. If you haven’t, then you’ll first need to update your site to WordPress 5.2.

Now go to Tools > Site Health to access this new tool. This useful tool performs various check up of your WordPress configuration, and then presents items that require your attention. In fact these suggestions will help you improve the performance of your WordPress site.

Site health wordpress

At the top it will show the overall site health in percentage. You can try to improve this score to 100%. There are two tabs, the “Status” tab will show suggested improvements for increasing this site health score, and the “Info” tab will display detailed information related to your WordPress site.

Did you know that WordPress highly recommends using PHP 7.0 or greater. PHP version less than 7 are not recommended.

As you can see in the above screenshot, this tool is suggesting to remove inactive themes, inactive plugins, problem with using HTTPS, and other such problems. These suggestions will vary depending on different sites, and I’d highly recommend that you follow these suggestions and improve the health score of your site.

Site Health Info

This tool not only allows you to check site health in WordPress (without using any plugin) but it can also show detailed information related to your site. From Tools > Site Health, you can click on “Info” to open the Info page. This page shows details about the configuration of your site, and it can also help in debugging issues.

site health info

You can also click on “Copy site info to clipboard” button to copy all these details to your clipboard, and then you can paste it in a text file, or send it as an email to anyone. This information will be very useful if you’re facing some problem, and if the theme/plugin developer, or your web hosts asks for the detail of your site then you can send this. So you can just click on this button, and send this info via email or through other channels.


Overall this new Site Health tool in WordPress is really very useful; it can provide you the suggestions and recommendations for improving the site’s health which can lead to improved performance.

Sometimes users complain that their WordPress site is slow and this tool can help in optimizing the site which can improve the loading time of the site. However, note that the performance of the site depends on many different factors, and one of them is where your site is hosted at, and the performance of the server where the site is hosted at.

So go ahead, give this new site health tool in WordPress a try and if you have any questions then let us know in the comments below.

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