Best WordPress Tools and Resources for Everyone in 2015

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When it comes to WordPress, the platform has really evolved. From being used to develop mere blogs, this platform is now capable to run just any kind of website, be it business, photography, video or ecommerce site. Possibilities are nearly endless with WordPress, and with each new release, a new feature is added or an […]

How to Save Posts in WordPress Using Ctrl+S

save ctrl + s in wordpress

We all are so used to using Office suites/programs that we try to save everything using Ctrl + S. It is like a universal shortcut for saving your work. Be it Microsoft Office, Notepad++, Photoshop or Coreldraw, the Ctrl + S shortcut works mostly everywhere, except WordPress. If you are a beginner or a regular […]

How to Offer and Track Downloads in WordPress


The traditional way to offer a download is to simply upload the file to the web host by using the Add Media button and then placing a plain and boring link in the article. Some may even go one step further and offer a big “Download now” button pointed to that link. However, this strategy […]