Those who are just starting out WordPress may want to know how to create a WordPress menu link that isn’t clickable. Beginners often face this problem. Some may wonder why to create such a link that’s not clickable? This is also a valid question but we’re doing this because we may want to create a dropdown menu with the top level item to be unclickable. This can be better understood about a simple example:

– About our Company
– About our People
– Who we are

In this example, the first menu item which is “About” can be unclickable. But the sub navigation items are clickable.

custom menu link

For those links that you don’t want to be clickable, just create a custom link and add “#” to its URL field and give a proper label. For this method, you must be using WordPress custom menus functionality. In most cases, all new themes use custom menus for navigation area of the website.

The link created with this method is clickable but it doesn’t go anywhere. After clicking on “Add to Menu” button, you can remove the “#” attribute also. Doing so will also change the mouse cursor. Try out this simple method to create a navigation menu that’s not clickable.

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