Keyboards, no doubt makes our computing speed faster. With mouse, you have to move the pointer to a particular element and then click on it, but on keyboard you just have to press the shortcut key. That’s why Keyboards make our lives easier. If you’re a hardcore WordPress user, then you can try out using keyboard shortcuts. Below you can find a list of all WordPress Keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys for WordPress

Ctrl + C: Copy
Ctrl + V: Paste
Ctrl + X: Cut
Ctrl + A: Select all
Ctrl + Z: Undo
Ctrl + Y: Redo
Ctrl + B: Bold
Ctrl + I: Italic
Ctrl + U: Underline
Ctrl + 1: Heading 1
Ctrl + 2: Heading 2
Ctrl + 3: Heading 3
Ctrl + 4: Heading 4
Ctrl + 5: Heading 5
Ctrl + 6: Heading 6
Ctrl + 9: Address

Alt + Shift + Z: Advanced Editor (Kitchen Sink)
Alt + Shift+ Q Blockquote
Alt + Shift + C: Code
Alt + Shift + T: Insert read more tag
Alt + Shift + U: Unordered List (UL)
Alt + Shift + O: Ordered List (OL)
Alt + Shift + D: Strikethrough
Alt + Shift + F: Align Left
Alt + Shift + C: Align Center
Alt + Shift + R: Align Right
Alt + Shift + J: Justify Text
Alt + Shift + N: Check Spelling
Alt + Shift + A: Insert link
Alt + Shift + S: Remove link
Alt + Shift + M: Insert Image
Alt + Shift + W: Full Screen Distraction Free Editor
Alt + Shift + P: Insert Page Break tag
Alt + Shift + E: Switch to HTML mode
Alt + Shift + H: Help

Ctrl + End: Go to End
Ctrl + Home: Go to Home

This information can also be accessed from “help” section of your WordPress editor itself.

wp help

This will open rich editor help. Click on the hotkey tab to get a list of keyboard shortcuts in WordPress.

wordpress hotkeys

There’s no need to move the mouse pointer and click on Bold, instead just select the text and press Ctrl + B. These shortcut keys will greatly help you in speeding up your work. Note that most of these shortcut keys will only work in Visual view and not in HTML view.