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WPForms Lite is the new contact form plugin developed and released by WPBeginner. Other contact form plugins often use code, making it difficult for new WordPress users to edit forms to their liking. WPForms, on the other hand, uses a drag-and-drop user interface similar to page builders, such as the Divi Builder or Visual Composer plugins. So let’s do a review of WPForms and learn if it’s worth trying out this new form builder plugin.

After you install the plugin on your WordPress site, you’ll be greeted with a Getting Started welcome page. This page features a video that walks you through the basic process of creating your first form. You won’t be able to access this page once you navigate away from it, but you can find the video again or a written version of the steps in the plugin’s documentation page.


The primary benefit of using this plugin is how simple it is to use as the Lite version only comes with very basic features. For example, you can only use the Blank Form and Simple Contact Form templates in the Lite version and will need to upgrade to the premium version to gain access to the other templates.

Here are the features in a nutshell:

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder – Makes building a custom-form as simple as can be.
  • Responsive Design – The forms this plugin creates are mobile-ready and 100% responsive.
  • SEO and UX Friendly – The developers designed this plugin well, ensuring it does not impact your site’s page speed in a negative way.

The Drag & Drop Builder

WPForms Lite Templates

The main attraction of this plugin, and the developer’s main selling point, is the drag-and-drop builder. First of all, the plugin uses its own interface rather than the WordPress interface, but its interface is well-designed and simple to navigate.

Simple Contact Form Template

The Simple Contact Form template comes with four fields, which are First and Last Names, Email Address and Message. If you’re not satisfied where a particular field is placed, all you need to do is click it and drag it wherever you want. If you want to get rid of it altogether, all you need to is click the the X associated with it.

WPForms Standard Fields

If you want to add a field to your form, all you need to is click it to drop it wherever you want it. The Standard Fields are depicted in the image above, and although they’re limited, you can create any type of field you want using the Single Line Text field and Field Options screen.

For instance, the Price field is a premium feature, but I can create this field using the Single Line Text field like so:

Price Field

The Field Options section has a few advanced options for developers who don’t mind getting their hands dirty:

Advanced Options


Notification Settings

The Settings area allows you to customization a few key features in regards to your form. This includes what text displays on your Submit button as well as the message users receive when they submit a form.

It also includes more advanced settings, such as which email address form messages should be sent to and what subject they should have.

Final Thoughts

This plugin does what it says it will do, which is deliver a simple way for you to build a contact form for your WordPress site. The only major con this plugin has is the fact that it contains no easy way to change your form’s style, meaning you’re stuck with a plain black-and-white design if you’re not familiar with using custom HTML & CSS. Other than that, the majority of site owners will see no limitations in using this plugin. Premium features include email marketing support (from the likes of MailChimp and Aweber), PayPal integration, conditional logic, as well as additional layouts.

Download Free Version | Download Full Version

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